Charge air cooelrs

The charge air cooler is a kind of heat exchanger, cooling by water.

Product Features:

Worked on self-developed thermal calculate program, which make the design more accurate and more rapid.

Take the lead in using CFD to analysis thermal calculating results and make it visualization. 

Nearly 60 kinds of thermal elements for various working conditions. 

SHLTT’s special designed elliptical finned tubes can greatly reduce the pressure drop. 

Finned tubes, with special design of different fin types, can see various working conditions of four-stroke engines and two-stroke engine, also ensure the flow capacity and cooling capacity of charge air. 

For a new type of charge air cooler, ,strength calculation and natural frequency calculation must be carried out to ensure the structure does not resonate; and ensure easy installation and maintenance.

Main applications: 

2-stroke diesel engines;

4-stroke diesel engines;

Gas generator units;

Large air compressors

Circuit water radiators
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