Process fluid air coolers

Process fluid air cooler air is a kind of heat exchanger cooling process fluids by air.

We supply different heat-exchange solutions for different working conditions. We will calculate the equipment cost and long-term operation cost, and choose the most economical design for you.

Cooling method:

According to the provided working conditions, we choose the cooling method after overall consideration and analysis, air cooling or water cooling.


We select the structure type of Air coolers, induced type or blowing type air coolers, horizontal type or slant top type air coolers.


According to operational features of the system and operational requirements of industrial medium, we supply the most suitable equipment layout and energy-saving plan .

The main application: 

synthetic ammonia, synthetic methanol, chloride of chemical plant etc. 

Common oil, air, and flue gas etc. 

medium which may cause violent reactions in contact with water.

Charge air cooelrs
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